Our mission is to let the stressed and busy people slow down, walk in the nature to enjoy the quietness and the fresh air, let the heart fly. It is our goal to make travelling easy by providing travel routes that can be personalized. Finland and the surrounding Nordic countries and the Baltic countries are our main travel destinations. We have luxury minibuses and coaches, professional finnish drivers and provide chinese, english, swedish tour guide services. According to customer’s demands we could make leisure trip and business trip, etc. travel plan.

Our aim is to provide, the most effective, best quality and most satisfied service for our customers.

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Photogragher: Eeva Mäkinen, VisitFinland 

Finland is one of the best places on earth to observe the Northern Lights. You can face them over the winter months.

Photogragher: Marjaana Tasala, VisitFinland 

A camping holiday will give you the best opportunity to see Finland.

Photogragher: Julia Kivelä, VisitFinland 

In Finland forests everyone can freely pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers thanks to liberal laws of access to the land.

- You may fisth with a rod and line, and through a hole in the ice in wintertime.
- Walk , ski or do cycling in areas outside private gardens and land that is in a specific use.

Photogragher: Carmen Nguyen, VisitFinland 

Photogragher: Jussi Hellstén, VisitFinland 

Helsinki has one of the world´s loveliest cathedrals.


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